Privacy Policy

By using Quacky, you agree to the following privacy policy.

What information is stored?

Quacky stores your userid if you've found a bug and/or your donator rank (if applicable).

Quacky also stores your userid if you were in our support server on 7/15/2020

If at any time you become blacklisted from our bot, blacklist information will be stored.

When you get blacklisted your userid, the admins userid, the date, and reason are stored.

When you get donate your userid, the rank you have are stored. Your profile bio, color, and banner are also stored if you set one.

When a Quacky suggestion or error you've made get's approved, your userid is stored.

If you get muted, the guild, moderator, and your userid get stored.

If your guild sets a modlog, mutedrole or prefix, the guild id, channel-id, prefix, and/or roleid gets stored.

Why we store the information and how we use it.

This information is stored in order to provide you with badges and to notify the bot if you're allowed to run certain commands or not.

The muted data is stored in order to keep you muted temporaraly and to re-apply your mute if you leave and re-join the server.

The prefix and modlog information is used for the bot to know where to send modlog messages and what prefix to respond to.

The mute role information is used in order to apply a custom muted role when someone gets muted.

The profile data is stored in order for us to put custom information on your profile.

Who gets this data?

Donator, suggestion, and error data can seen by anyone with the -badges command.

People can only see if you're blacklisted when commands don't work. The detailed information can only be seen by Quacky Admins.

Muted, Mutedrole, Prefix, and Modlog data can only be accessed by Quacky Admins.

3rd Party Data Sharing

Quacky Shares data with Statcord to analyze usage of the bot.

Statcord collects personally identifiable information such as userids as well as usage data. You may view their privacy policy here.

Questions and Concerns.

If you are concerned about the data stored Join the Quacky Support Server or email us.

How to Remove your data.

If you would like to remove your data, you can email us with the information below:

The information you want removed, your userid, and your guildid (if needed).

Clearing this data does not clear blacklist data or muted data, but will remove your Quacky Badges and guild data (if requested).

Note: We reserve the right to change this without notifying our users.

This policy was last updated October 31st, 2020.